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MADE FOR WOMEN whatever that means

What we're all aboutWhat we're all about

What does it mean to be a woman?
We can’t shout this loud enough.

There is no box. There is no ideal. There is no right way
to be a woman; and there is certainly no wrong way.

So we’re not going to try to define, or redefine, what it means to be a woman, and instead listen to what it means to each and every one of you.

Then, we’re going to create and innovate to support whatever that is.

1916- where
it all began

The original rule breaker, the Champion wasn’t just the first
sneaker we made, it was the first sneaker ever made
for women.
More than 100 years later, it’s still pushing
boundaries. And so are the women who wear it.

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NOW-designing with
a female perspective

“Shoes are a special kind of product…yes it’s about fashion and looking great, but it’s also about function and this fundamental question…do I look good in this? And more importantly, do I FEEL good in this? Fashion should be fun and footwear should be functional. We try to bring both of these ideas into our product, no matter what size, shape, or style you identify with.” 

–Holly Curtis, VP of Product

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by women, for women

The Keds team is made up of mostly women (nearly 90%), and our leadership team is entirely female. 

As a beloved, well-known brand of over 100 years, we realize that we have a unique opportunity to empower other women with our platform. That’s why with every single project we do, we recruit women-on-the-rise whenever possible, from collaborators to photographers, stylists, printers, illustrators, editors—even our fonts were designed by women.

The Keds Hand-book
for women

“A modernized version of The Keds Hand-book for Girls series published in the early 1920s, The Keds Hand-Book for Women lets women tell their own stories in their own words. It’s not just a hand-book—it’s a movement and a platform to encourage women to be their true selves, whatever that means to them.” 

–Lisa Lewis, VP of Marketing

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The champion

The sneaker that started it all.

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The double decker

A slip-on with a major following.

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The crew kick 75

Not too boyish, not too girly.

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